Tracce di Jazz

(Translated from Italian)

Extensive and recurrent is the diatribe between jazz lovers who can't stand listening to the beloved idiom used for translations from pop and song, and those who prefer the new guise of the known classics, appreciating just…


All About Jazz - 4.5 Stars

By Dan McClenaghan

Vocalist Leonard Patton can be heard and seen often in the San Diego County, California area, making his joyful noise. Often, he appears in the company of the Danny Green Trio, one of the jazz world's premier…


Midwest Record

By Chris Spector

The Danny Green Trio adds a blues singer and takes on a new identity as they carouse through 100 years of pop music, including a few ringers of their own, on this set that rolls things around…


CD Hotlist - Rick's Pick

By Rick Anderson

"Wisely, Green and crew don’t try to force these songs into a standard jazz structure, but instead let their arrangements be guided by the songs themselves, creating new musical hybrids that end up sounding like acoustic


The Jazz Owl: LP And The Vinyl Are "Seen And Heard"

By Travis Rogers, Jr.

"From tight arrangements to free-wheeling improvisations, this telepathic trio evolves into an equally intercommunicating quartet with Leonard Patton. If there is a group worthy of special attention and reintroduction in jazz, it is LP and the